The perfect fit

Things to know about ring size and fit

The right size

One of the highlights of every wedding is exchanging the rings. They should smoothly slide onto the finger and then fit like a second skin.

In everyday life, a ring should not be too loose, to prevent the wearer from losing it. If the ring is too tight, it is not comfortable to wear.

Therefore it is important to determine carefully the right ring size. There are different possibilities of how you can take this matter into your own hands.

The safest way, however, is to visit one of our stores and let our specialists help you determine your ring size.

By the way: the more stones included in the ring shank, the more important it is to correctly determine the ring size.

Find perfect ringsize

The circumference of the finger

The circumference of the finger

The circumference of the finger corresponds to the inner circumference of the ring. Wrap a stable piece of thread or a thin paper strip around the section of the finger, where you want to wear the ring. Make sure that the thread or paper can also be moved across the knuckles.

Cut the thread or the piece of paper exactly where its ends meet and measure its length with a ruler. The inner circumference of the ring is the length in mm.

The inner diameter

This method is very well suited for measuring the size in secret. Take a well-fitting ring of the person you want to surprise to measure the inner diameter.

Ideally, the ring you are using for the measurement and the new ring will have a similar profile form and width.

Take a ruler or calliper to measure the inner diameter of the ring. Multiply this with 3.14 and you have the inner circumference.

Alternatively, put a paper strip inside the ring and measure the length in mm.


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The right side for the ring

The right side for the ring

Our advisors are often asked: “On which hand do you wear the ring?”

As this can differ among countries, we provide you with a summary below:

In Germany and Austria, the wedding ring is worn on the right, the “righteous” hand. Internationally, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand, closest to the heart.

The engagement ring is usually worn on the left hand. There is a clear international trend toward combining engagement ring and wedding ring on one finger.

If your are wearing your ring as a piece of jewelry or friendship ring, you are free to choose any finger.

Impact of the profile and width of the ring

Visit our acredo partners to find a comprehensive range of size measures for different ring profiles. The profile form and the width of the ring can have a major impact on the ring size.

Rings with a convex inner profile slip much more smoothly onto the finger than rings with a straight inner profile. The same applies for narrow rings. They are also easier to put on and take off than wide rings.

Our sample service guarantees perfect wearing comfort. We will create a sample ring with the profile and the width you have selected, which you can wear as a test before your actual rings are manufactured.

Our tips

Our tips

Please take into account the following tips when determining your perfect ring size:

  1. Take into account that the right and the left hand are usually different in size. Always measure the finger on the hand you will wear the ring on.
  2. The ring size can change over the course of the day. The fingers are often thinner in the morning than in the evening.
  3. The ring size is also influenced by temperature. Fingers are thinner on cold days. Fingers become slightly swollen on hot days.
  4. Over the course of time, the ring size can change because of changes in weight. It is therefore advisable to have a specialist review your ring size on a regular basis.