Wedding Ring and Jewelry Design

Our design philosophy

"acredo’s design vocabulary is modern, powerful and expressive, paired with elegance and a certain sense of nonchalance."
Katharina Heubach, Designer

All of the acredo models that you will find on the website and experience at our partners’ serve as a source of inspiration for your highly individual designs.

We put your ideas at the centre. You would like to have the most beautiful rings, and we make it happen - no matter which style you prefer: romantic, elegant, natural, cool...

We can only reach this objective with the commitment and passion of our designers, who are continuously on the lookout for new trends and still design models that can be worn for many years without ever becoming outdated.

Our design philosophy
From natural to cool

From natural to cool

Jewelry is not only precious but also, always, emotional. The happy moments, the glamorous parties, exchanging the rings on the wedding day - all of these inspire us when we create our designs.

Nature with its undulating hills, rippled sea and countless leaf shapes offers an infinite reservoir of ideas.

This is contrasted with the pulsing life of big cities and modern architecture, setting new standards with its reduced, straight lines. Closely followed by the arts, where creativity is pushing the boundaries time and again.

Design is not only connected with great sensitivity but also with the highest level of precision. We are committed to designing jewelry for you that is not only beautiful but that also makes you feel comfortable all around.

Classic drawings and modern CAD

Once a design idea has been developed, the first sketches of possible models are drafted by hand. A pencil is imperative for this task. Drawing is followed by drawing to explore the full potential of a topic.

Both heart and mathematical expertise flow into the development.

Once a selection of potential models has been made, the details are transferred from the drawing board to the CAD, where they are rendered to perfection.

Classic drawings and modern CAD

Inspiring. 100% Unique. International.

Selection of materials

Selection of materials

While the acredo Designer allows every design in every color, we determine the material and color combinations for our models in advance.

Our customers’ preferences are changing. And this needs to be kept in mind for the design. The classic wedding ring has been yellow for a long time, for instance. But today, white metals are prevailing. The combination of white and rosé is particularly elegant.

The trend towards engagement rings has gained substantial momentum in recent years. As engagement rings and wedding rings are often worn in a set on one finger, wedding rings tend to be narrower now. We currently answer this trend with the Chorus collection ring sets.

Our designers are also highly aware of the stones they select. Clear, white and colorful diamonds open up infinite possibilities, only the best of which we select for our models.

The idea becomes reality

Model construction turns the idea into a real product. Side by side with our goldsmiths, the designers create a perfect piece of jewelry.

Our innovative spirit means that model construction is often pushed to its limits and forced to explore new territory. Our enthusiasm is ultimately driving us until a solution is found.

Another challenge is the compatibility of design and configuration technique, which requires a high level of systematics.

The idea becomes reality

Design guide

The profile is a very important design element and also responsible for high wearing comfort.


The surface changes the look of the ring. Ranging from classic polished to individually hammered finishes, we draw from a wide variety of options.


Perfection in detail

The surface changes the look of the ring. Ranging from classic polished to individually hammered finishes, we draw from a wide variety of options.


With its enchanting attachment settings, acredo offers you an enormous variety of settings.

Iconic products

Iconic products

We are always overjoyed when a new acredo model is born. Once the ideas have been collected, the technical drawings completed and the details defined in model construction, each model will have to stand the test before the critical eyes of our experts.

Only then will it be included in the collections and presented on our website as well as at the acredo partners.

All in all, the design process lasts several months up to half a year.

An artist’s work is rewarded by applause. For our designers, motivation and reward of their work is the fact that you will wear our jewelry all your life and thus be reminded of the most beautiful moments.