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Engagement Ring Brilliant - THE epitome of a diamond ring

The engagement ring with a brilliant-cut diamond is the embodiment of your love - radiant like the eyes of your beloved at the marriage proposal, beautiful like the moments experienced together and eternal like your relationship. The special brilliant cut with its maximum of 58 facets has been used since 1910 and still enjoys great popularity today. You too can choose a brilliant engagement ring and enchant the lady of your heart.

As the name suggests...

The name brilliant is derived from the French and means "shining, radiant". The engagement ring brilliant lives up to its name - when its 58 facets are in an optimal angular relationship, light reflections are possible. These give the engagement ring brilliant its fascinating sparkle. This way, when you propose, your partner and the engagement ring will be beaming with brilliance.

Configure your own brilliant engagement ring.

Whether delicate as a half carat or striking as a single carat- at acredo you can choose your engagement ring brilliant in sizes from 0.10ct to 2.0ct and decide for yourself which brilliant suits you best. Combine your engagement ring brilliant with precious alloys of platinum, gold or white gold and emphasise the high quality of your brilliant ring. A 4 or 6 rib setting of your brilliant engagement ring is a true classic, the bezel setting is harmonious and nestles comfortably against the wedding ring and the tension setting allows the brilliant to sparkle all around. Try out these different settings in one of our advice centres or combine them yourself online with the acredo configurator. The colour of the brilliant-cut diamond is also variable - from brilliant-cut diamonds in shades of blue such as Iceblue, to a warm cognac tone, to an extraordinary Black, the choice is yours at acredo. Design your own brilliant engagement ring and surprise the love of your life with a sparkling gemstone.