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Diamond Bridal Ring Sets

Bridal ring sets including an eternity ring from acredo are inspiring and absolutely individual. They unite the happy moments of life in absolute harmony.

Design your diamond bridal ring set in one or more colours, in gold or platinum, plain or with an eternity ring. Two, three or more rings on one finger? Easy to imagine with ring sets from acredo.

Discover a new interpretation of the bridal classics. Think of later now. Women love gifts.

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Bridal Ring Sets - inspiring & 100% unique

Are you planning the wedding and looking for inspiration on how engagement ring, wedding band and eternity ring look together? Browse through our catalogue and let your thoughts run free.

Our diamond bridal ring sets feature either a solitaire diamond ring with a large diamond in the centre or an eternity ring with many small diamonds for the engagement ring.
This is flanked by a plain wedding ring. Or the wedding ring is also decorated with brilliant-, princess- or baguette-cut diamonds. Sometimes, however, the eternity ring is also the wedding ring for the lady.

2 - 4 rings for a bridal ring set

A ring set with or without an eternity ring can therefore consist of 2 rings for the lady up to a total of 4 rings for lady and gentleman. In addition to the elegant single-colour variants, creative variations in different gold colours or alloys are also possible at acredo. Even coloured diamonds are set into our ring sets. This gives you countless possibilities to create a unique diamond bridal ring set with or without an eternity ring.

Diamond Bridal Ring Sets Made in Germany

All rings in the ring sets are made in our manufactory in Germany with great attention to detail. Many hands of our specialists and the latest technology are involved in their creation. This ensures that our bridal couple receive the 100% individual rings in premium quality and enjoy them for a lifetime.

Be inspired by the different combinations of bridal ring sets. There is sure to be something for every style. Be it more delicate rings with smaller diamonds to big diamonds for the big stage. We make it possible. Visit one of our locations near you and enjoy the consultation. We look forward to your visit.