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Diamond Jewelry to fall in Love

Diamond Fine Jewelry for life's special moments: the birthday, the wedding day, the kids, the promotion. Diamond jewelry is always a beautiful gift idea.

With diamond jewelry from acredo, excellent diamonds meet settings with fine design details. Diamonds of the highest brilliance, gold and platinum form a unique combination.

Diamond Fine Jewelry is love. Diamond jewelry is a matter of character. At acredo you will find diamond jewelry from classic to cool. Get inspired.

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Diamond Jewelry - Favourites for Eternity

Diamond JewelryDiamond jewelry in the form of earrings, necklaces, solitaires, eternity or a wedding ring is a unique token of love to your wife, as women have been drawn to glittering stones and have carried a particular fascination for the sparkling stones for hundreds of years. Clear, large diamonds mean the symbol of your love takes centre stage. No wonder that the diamond ring is considered a classic among engagement rings. Furthermore, acredo only uses the best diamonds and focuses on high quality workmanship. So let your future bride’s heart miss a beat - with exceptional diamond jewelry from acredo!

Diamond Jewelry in all shapes and forms

Every woman loves jewelry with diamonds: whether timeless and discreet or striking and luxurious. The proper setting of diamonds is crucial. A flawless and perfectly cut diamond is certain to draw everyone's attention. Due to its clarity, it adds special value to every woman’s jewelry and will make her eyes shine even brighter.Diamond jewelry can be designed in various ways and can be combined with other accessories. Depending on the occasion, women can wear diamonds in a classic, modest way or in an exciting, trendy way. Diamonds are always an eye-catcher!

Design your own Diamond Jewelry

At acredo, you have the possibility of designing your own jewelry. The acredo wedding ring designer shows you diamond jewelry that matches your wedding rings and allows you to configure it individually. Select the sizes of the precious stones and determine how they should be arranged on the jewelry. When designing the rings, you can, for example, decide on an entire diamond band or diamonds on the side. White gold jewelry harmonises particularly well with diamonds, underlining their value. With the help of the acredo jewelry designer, you can take a look at these various possibilities from home and test them with different outfits. Celebrate life with diamond jewelry from acredo!