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Fancy wedding rings

Diamonds in special cuts or shapes such as heart diamonds or diamonds in the navette, drop or emerald cut are unusual, yet desired for wedding rings.

Our Fancy collection is dedicated to these unusual wedding rings and wedding bands with extraordinary diamond cuts.

Whether pure or accompanied by small brilliant-cut diamonds, fancy diamond shapes inspire. Remarkable wedding rings for a lifetime.

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Fancy wedding rings

Fancy wedding rings

Everlasting highlight of your love

Small pieces of jewelry - great meaning: special wedding rings are an integral part of the wedding ritual. Fancy wedding rings set very special highlights. Simple wedding rings made of gold or platinum are not longer alone. They are in best company with sparkling diamonds in extravagant shapes. Rectangular, square, heart-shaped or almond-shaped? If you are looking for something special for the wedding ring of your life, fancy wedding rings with special diamond shapes are just the thing. The acredo FANCY collection takes you into the fascinating world of wedding rings with the most beautiful diamonds in unusual cuts.

Wrapped around your finger - special wedding rings will make you shine.

A "Yes, I do" becomes a solemn vow, the beginning of a new era in the life of a couple. The wedding ring is of elementary symbolic value: love in ring form - no beginning, no end. Precious alloys and wearing comfort are only two of the coveted attributes. Many bridal couples want an extraordinary wedding ring with a "unique" character. And they want the attractive contrast of high-quality diamonds - more and more often in distinctive and unusual cuts - to go with the shiny precious metal. Because they know: In purest quality and refined design, diamonds inspire for a lifetime.

Flashing lights - the most beautiful cuts for diamonds

Diamonds in special cuts and shapes are unusual, yet highly sought after for wedding rings. Spectacular design and fine harmony between setting and diamond cut speak for the beauty of these small jewelry wonders. Here is an overview of the most sought-after diamond shapes for unique wedding rings:

  • Brilliant cut: the all-time favourite
    In the round and best-known brilliant cut, the jewel casts light reflections that give it its fascinating sparkle. The maximum of 58 facets set at the optimum angle make it possible.

  • Princess cut: magic squared
    Sounds like a fairy tale! The princess cut diamond is square and a relatively new variant in the intermezzo of refined diamond cuts. In the early 80s it caused a sensation as a solitaire and became one of the most popular diamond shapes for wedding rings.

  • Baguette cut: pure emotion
    A rectangular, straight diamond with a large surface. The focus is less on brilliance, but the cut emphasizes the purity of the gemstone. A baguette diamond is simple elegance for purists and connoisseurs.

  • Marquise cut: brilliance & fire
    The navette or marquise cut is downright magical. The shape is absolutely natural and symmetrical. A very special diamond that radiates harmony and makes wedding rings unmistakably unique.

  • Heart cut: 100% love
    The heart-cut diamond is definitely the stone for romantics. What could be more beautiful than the symbol of love immortalized in a precious diamond? Not least because of this, wedding rings or wedding bands with a heart diamond are the darling of the stars.

Diamonds are considered mysterious and indestructible. Finesse and quality make their appearance complete. Discover extraordinary wedding rings with the individual touch of the FANCY collection. The radiant diamond creations are all about the love of two people. Find your favourite or create your personal love symbol with fancy diamonds with the ring configurator from acredo.