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Gold Wedding Rings

Gold wedding rings are mystical and noble. The golden yellow hue is irresistible. It resembles sunshine and becomes richer the more gold the alloy contains.

Gold wedding rings are modern classics and fascinatingly beautiful. Get inspired by our golden dream rings and design your personal evergreens.

For your individual wedding rings in gold, yellow gold is available in 9, 14, 18 and 22 kt.

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Gold Wedding Rings

Sealing the big love with the word "yes" - the wedding is one of the most beautiful days in life. Even the preparations make hearts beat faster. Choosing the rings together, for example, is one of the most intimate moments: showing your love, being joined forever with a gold wedding ring. A wonderful event that you will never forget. That's why you should choose wedding rings from acredo, the specialist for wedding rings made of gold, and for wedding rings from Germany.

Inspired by the beauty of gold wedding rings

Gold wedding bands are a classic - whether with or without a stone setting, they have been bestsellers for many decades. No wonder: gold wedding rings show the appreciation of the woman and man. Only the best material is good enough for love. Even thousands of years ago, people knew how to appreciate and love this value: its shiny colour and precious-looking heaviness are fascinating. The designers at acredo are also regularly fascinated by the beauty of gold and

and are inspired to create unique collections: Choose from countless designs - whether set with gemstones or rather plain, wedding rings made of gold will please for a lifetime.

Gold wedding rings in extraordinary variations

Discover the large selection of gold wedding bands now, look forward to wedding rings with unusual stone settings and sparkling diamond rings. If you prefer a more classic look, we recommend our simple, very beautiful collections. If you want to customize your gold wedding rings, you should try out acredo's configurator. Design your gold wedding rings easily and from home. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you on site at one of our many locations. Our advisors are on hand to give you professional advice and support. They will open up new possibilities for you with their ideas and suggestions. No matter how you choose your gold wedding rings, one thing is certain: they are as long-lasting and enduring as your love.